30° PLUS
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30° PLUS

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30° PLUS

The PIEPS 30° PLUS is an electronic inclinometer to check the slope angle in an easy, uncomplicated and fast way

Range of application

Fast and accurate measurement of the parameter “current slope angle” for rating the slope specifi c avalanche danger using classical avalanche science and risk reduction methods.

Training for a better estimation by eye of the slope gradient

Fast and accurate measurement of the parameter “current slope angle” while doing snow profi les and snow stability tests like “Rutschblock” or “Rutschkeil.”

Temperature measurement: The PIEPS 30°PLUS is attached to the ski pole and always shows the current outside


Power supply: Li-Ion Batterie

Battery lifetime: 5 Jahre

Temperature range: -20°C bis +45°C; -4°F bis +113°F

Weight: 30 g (inkl. Batterie)

Dimensions: 88 x 23 x 22 mm

Goniometer: 0° - 90°; +/-1° bei 0°C

Measuring: 3-dimensional


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