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Patented model with original construction, high tech insulation, and high protection for any expedition: Pertex endurance outer, DOWNTEK water-repellent down combined with Primaloft for insulation, the high tech AEROGEL panels derived from aerospace research, and bib with easy way opening system, long jacket with baffle construction, integral hyper protective hood. With front opening for ventilation, combined with fly opening and drop seat opening


Cincinnati, Ohio, March 6 —  Millet, the premium outdoor gear and apparel brand based in France and founded in 1921, is pleased to announce it is the recipient of a coveted  ISPO award in the Outdoor Category — “a true guarantee of performance” — for its MXP DownTek suit built for high-altitude, extreme-weather expeditions.


The suit, which includes suspender pants, jacket, booties and mittens, has been perfected for extreme conditions, and features a multitude of extremely high-end, performance-based technologies. The primary component that sets this summit-suit apart from the competition is DownTek™, a nano-technology down coating that has become a burgeoning industry standard. DownTek has already started making waves in the mountaineering apparel industry, as the water-resistant down is a revolutionary and crucial addition to lightweight and compressible insulation. The brand’s collaboration with Millet in the MXP suit has meant a huge step forward for high-altitude mountaineering possibilities.


Millet has utilized DownTek in the past, noted Maro LaBlance, the company’s Marketing Manager, “We continue to be impressed by DownTek and feel that high-altitude expeditions are where this technology is best put to use.  Millet is best known for developing dependable expedition gear, and incorporating DownTek into our collection was an exciting advancement for us, and will be for those ascending the world’s highest peaks.”


The ISPO award was developed to celebrate pioneering brands, products and communication strategies in the sports environment. The list of winners each year assists retail buyers, media representatives and end-consumers, who all benefit from the public recognition of the most applauded sports brands and communication initiatives.


In the award-winning MXP suit, Millet also features Primaloft insulation andAerotherm custom insulation panels. Derived from Aerogel material, previously used in National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) applications, Aerotherm aerogel is the world’s most advanced thermal insulation protection that can be used in all varieties of extreme temperature conditions. The incredible part about the Aerogel panels in the MXP suit is that the thin batts are only 2mm in thickness, super-resilient and made up of 90 percent air, thus able to reduce a garments size by approximately half. Aerogel’s position as the highest thermal performer on the market, combined with heavy resistance, makes it the perfect choice for use in high-stress areas of the suit, such as knees and elbows. Used in conjunction with DownTek for breathability and compressible water-resistant warmth, the Millet MXP suit is an almighty outerwear super-power, an industry leader and the newest benchmark for high-altitude expedition-wear.


Steeped in history,Millet solidified itself as the preeminent mountaineering outfitter in 1950 when the company equipped the first French expeditions to the Himalayas. From there, the brand quickly became synonymous with top-notch high-altitude summit accessories and the reputation of Millet spread worldwide.

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